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support low carbon car

by Yen Lee Loo

Car has significantly become part and parcel toward a sedentary and conducive lifestyle for all walks of life. Driving a car is indeed the most polluting act an average citizen commits. Report significant demonstrates that emissions from passenger vehicles are increasing in Canada and the US despite attempts to make engines more fuel-efficient and despite the addition of antipollution devices. The primary ground is that cars are getting bigger and pick-up trucks; vans and sports vehicles often substitute smaller yet merely lighter passenger cars. It complicated to separate the man along with car without more ado, hence the action of unraveling car and man are indeed in vain. There is always alternative solution likewise encouraging the usage of alternative green electric car or even low carbon fuels like biofuels. Here I would like to convey the message of reducing harmful emissions by using low carbon fuels or greener alternative instead of disputing the fact of utilizing car. The objective of the advertisement is to encourage the uptake of alternative greener solution, along with low carbon fuels through engaging the motor industry, media and general public with the subject of low carbon fuels and alternative green action. Whilst to raise awareness that they will be a responsible and honorable mankind if they practice the action of utilizing greener car.The primary target audience will be to all drivers, for instance families, commuters, traveling salesmen, taxi drivers, or even truck drivers especially drivers looking to buy a new vehicle. Thus I would like to bring the idea of infinite car that impact the environment, damaging our health, as well as animal life. Green will be the subject that I like to include in the press advertisement as a part of subject that would hopefully ignite the sense of action toward a greener earth.