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by Christine Meahan

The campaign I created is to promote a green lifestyle and way of living. I believe even if you do not have the money to afford solar panels, or the environmentally friendly technology, there are alternative things an individual can still do that won’t break the bank and have an impact. I chose the 18-25 demographic because I believe college students and young adults are looking for ways to help the environment. I think that our parents and other adults hear about it on the news, but college students take environmental classes and learn the cold hard disturbing facts about global warming and the harm that is being done to our environment.
After choosing a demographic, I looked for trends in advertising on how to relate and grab the attention of my audience. I found that innuendo and double entendre were very common along with great typography and copy. I draw the attention of the reader in with a big, catchy line, then after reading the informational copy, they realize that the line was actually about the environment and not what they originally thought it was about. This tactic is very much like the advertising method “bait and switch.” I think the most important part of my ads was drawing the reader into the ad and wondering what it was about.
In my ads I focused on just four topics: water conservation, hybrid vehicles, alternative fuels and recycling. I gave little tips for the audience to show them how easy it could be. I branded it “Greenology” because I saw this as a campaign for a method of “living green”.

I found my information on the websites http://www.wateruseitwisely.com/100ways/ne.shtml, http://www.sfpower.org/newswire/recycling2.php, http://www.biodiesel.org/resources/biodiesel_basics/, and http://www.hybridcars.com/technology.html.