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Co2: charge of it!

by marconik

Co2 is an educational campaign studied to raise public awareness about the causes of global warming such as energy wastes and production of Co2.
The aim of the project is to make people thinking about global warming as a consequence of bad habits and careless attitudes that can be changed if each person takes responsibility (“be in charge”) and convince other people to act now (“take charge”).
That is why this campaign is more than words or teasing images but rather tools and suggestion to take action.
This project involves people to be aware and to act in a different way during every day life: free stickers in magazines to peel and to stick on the TV, DVD, PC as a reminder to switch off after use, or high lighted stickers to thank you after doing it.
This philosophy can work for other tasks and bigger environment such as cities, where many people take part, creating spontaneous and active communities: A newspaper sheet could be filled and used as a sign, to ask or offer a lift (to the same workplace or destination) in order to reduce Co2 emissions.
Co2 campaign spread the message locally; it warns where there’s more need: free post-it to stick as a direct message so that everyone can play it’s role for a common issue: be in charge and take charge of global warming.