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Model for Awareness program: A living Tree

by Pradeep Sharma


In contemporary time of ours variation into temperature of earth & environment is changing unexpectedly. And science is defining this phenomenon as global warming, which has become a hot topic for debate and discussion.
Global warming has a global impact over our life and style. The topic itself is a product of our changing life style and needs.
Coming on to the topic, I would suggest a moving object for mass awareness for dealing with such big issue. I am considering my model relevant to Indian context of living and social status, which related to current Indian life style in terms of their education, their social and political life styles.
I believe that a communicating moving object can be more effective than a movie, or pamphlets distributed at street corner or running in a subway or near to traffic signal; considering the fact that global warming is an issue related to global pollution and mismanaged waste management and “running out of time” like human attitude.

Product: - A dynamically simulated model of Tree installed at different places, schools, government houses, traffic signals, cinema halls.

Logical formulation of product : - This tree would be containing some sensors to sense the amount of pollution and should be capable of giving reactions to the environment. Like when the pollution increases in the peak hours of traffic on a traffic signal then all its leaf should be felt asleep and get down automatically. It should be made in such a way that it should give alarming messages symbolically and of course in local languages so that a mass of people can understand the message. A simple and scientifically more effective solution can also be demonstrated concurrently so that people can take necessary steps to understand the issue.