Heated issue

Competition Details


by Janina Boesch

These designs represent an awareness campaign that hits people in their everyday life. By printing simple but meaningful messages onto everyday objects people are constantly reminded of global warming and its omnipresent signs.

1. An example is a message on a shopping bag that links to a safety procedure during a flood. People are advised to re-use the bag, – not literally and not in all seriousness – but in a read-between-the-lines kind of way.

2. Moving boxes have a hidden advice printed into the inside. The message alone is rather sarcastic – however, in combination with the smaller text “an advice inspired by global warming”, people will be motivated to think about the meaning behind the message.

3. Similar to the moving box, pizza boxes may have hidden advices inside that explain people why they should keep the box: Again, the message is not for recycling purposes but to emphasize that the signs of a climate change are closer than we think. We basically have two choices: we either prepare for the worst or we finally try to prevent global warming

4. Also part of the “Omnipresence” campaign would be the placements of advices and messages in spots where people can’t look away. For example, New York's 13,000 cabs can be used to instruct people to move inland. Again, this is a sarcastic message to emphasize that global warming is a serious issue we simply can’t run away from.

Other elements of the campaign could include: newspaper ads with instructions on how to build paper ships, billboards along Colorado interstates welcoming visitors to “the future home of the Pacific Ocean”, etc. The list of everyday opportunities to make people aware of the seriousness of global warming is endless.