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The Consequences and the Primary Causes of Global Warming

by Phil Choo
Co-authors: Carey Hissey

In researching the subject of climate change we looked at both the consequences and the primary causes. We found that increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere was a major contributor to the destruction of the ozone layer and therefore directly related to global warming.

Of the four designs submitted two of them play typographically with the characters CO2. In 'eco system imbalance' we draw attention to CO2, represented by dead organic material, and also include list potentially catastrophic environmental consequences of climate change. Organic patterns in the background represent the delicate balance of life on our planet.

The design titled 'cooked', again allows a typographic focus on CO2. This time the design addresses the human tragedy of mass migration as the hottest parts of the planet become unable to sustain life. This is predicted to result in mass migration and millions of refugees, represented in the design by footprints leaving the equatorial area of the planet.

The design featuring 'nature's O' demonstrates the absolute necessity of keeping the ozone layer intact. Ozone is the planet's natural sun barrier ensuring the continuation of life on our planet, not just for humans but for all species, here represented by the ladybug.

Finally the design of the gas pump sprouting healthy berries features both a warning 'STOP' message and at the same time combines positive imagery representing hope for the future as we search for a clean, healthy alternative to fossil fuels.