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Global Warming is happening! Droughts, floods, melting icecaps, and whole species face extinction!

by Paul Booth

As a professional design practitioner and design educator, I wanted to create a series of posters that educate viewers on how each person on earth can make simple decisions that will reduce thier Earthly impact.

Each poster has a different person's silhouette, with everyday objects in their heads, to promote that we all can make small, everyday efforts to help reduce global warming. The color palette is simple, to communicate that it is simple to make small adjustment in our daily lives to reduce our contribution to global warming. The objects in the heads are rough sketches, to give the posters a personal feeling. I colored coded the object in the heads, to match the sub-headline to make the forced connection between the action and the result. I choose a light tan for a background color, because I would want these posters to be printed on a recycled paper.

Communication is the key to all problems, and I believe that these posters communicate how each person can do their part to help reduce global warming.