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New treasures

by Celia Bornas

We have a treasure. Everybody has one: big, little, valuous or not, sometimes a miniature, a postcard, a gift of a friend or even a sweet...what we don't realise is that some common things in our life that we'd never give value, could become valious treasures.

Water, ice, flowers, leaves, forest, rivers, trees and glaciers...natural elements that we are used to live with, but that every year are more limited. Glaciers are melting, wet zones are deserts, and every time there are more forest fires.

The images represent the nowadays utopical situation when there won't be fresh elements, just fire and desertisation. Exclusives and rares, these elements will become luxurious jewels, everybody would like to have, but there won't be enough. Just a few subministration, just an elitist, limited edition.

Anyway, for the moment, this collection of jewels won't be in the shops, and will have only one use: to make us think that we have a treasure.