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Global Warming: Consumer choices

by David Oberholtzer

Global Warming is the most pressing issue of our time. We are at a crossroads; the environment is unbalanced and is reaching a boiling point.

The campaign I developed is an educational poster series (3 front sided-posters and three back-sided posters). The front-side of each poster reflects 3 current issues: CO2 emissions, deforestation, and rising sea levels. The back-side of each poster discusses specific consumer choices an individual can make to retract the advancement of global warming: choosing energy efficiency appliances to reduce CO2 emissions, choosing canvass bags verses paper or plastic at the grocery store reduces deforestation, and choosing a more fuel efficient car reduces CO2 emissions which can slow down the glaciers from melting.

The communication of each poster is clear in its visual representation and editorial content to reflect the sheer simplicity of these choices. The intention of this campaign is to communicate that each conscious change we make in our lifestyle is a step in the right direction. These posters reflect that choice, the opportunity to restore the earth’s balance.

“Toyota Prius 51mpg, Ford Escape 31mpg, Jeep Grand Cherokee 15mpg”

“Sea levels are rising 3.3mm a year”
World’s sea levels rising at accelerating rate
James Randerson and Ian Sample
Friday February 2, 2007, Guardian Unlimited

“Greenland ice sheets are melting at a rate of 20% a year
Greenland Ice Sheet Rapidly Melting
GREENBELT, Maryland, October 20, 2006 (ENS)

“The world releases 7.9 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere a year”
November 21, 2006
2005 Another Record Year for Global Carbon Emissions
©2006 Earth Policy Institute

“Every year the world loses 13 million hectares of forest”
World deforestation rates and forest cover statistics, 2000-2005
Rhett A. Butler, mongabay.com, November 16, 2005