Heated issue

Competition Details


by Atip Samosorn

The campaign tries to show how the worst will happen to his city absolutely and the solutions by

1) Installation of Simulate Future Environment in the landmark of the city. Inside there are two transparent rooms, first room will show the place (where it situate) in the future 10-100 years and how the global warming will affect it. There will be simulation of temperature, flood, smoke, video (depended on the real information) and the element that will change our life in the future like gas mask, dress, even ice-cream. The next room will be changing room (shop) that will have the products that would help the world, and the information of how to help the world.

2) Billboard of Simulate Picture of the landmark of city (where it situate) when the global warming destroy absolutely comes with the website links and installation place.

3) Ads of the landmark of that City (where it distribute) simulate future picture come along with the solution picture.

4) Website of the internet game ,in the game user will see the world in the future 10 - 100 years and how the global warming will affect each country .Then user can change his city (like SimCity) from the present(2007). User can change his country from the tips of what would help his city, what he should use or not. The element will update from the real-time like average temperature, number of pollutions, cars, factories, and populations, budget on the environment or rank of each country. In the game he can make a campaign or protest his own government (may be kicking them off), destroy the factories (if we have to), interact with the neighbors (other users) and mail the information to his friend.