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Reduce Global Warming

by Motion Graphic Design program Ex'pression College for Digital Arts
Co-authors: Joel Berroteran

What I am showing on this campaign is the cause of global warming and a simple solution that can be done by anyone. I am using playful illustrations to attract the eye. In the illustrations, the left side I used it to display how and what the cause is doing and the right side I’m showing the solution being done. I’m using 2 colors which are red, on the left to alert the audience of the cause and sky blue on the right to show that if they do the solution then the earth will be clearer and pollution free.

I made three different designs: one, showing how factories pollute the air and if people plant tree then the trees will suck the carbon dioxide. The second one, I am showing how if you don’t check your tires you are forcing your car more. Third, how power is also the cause so, simply suggesting for people to disconnect their electronic devices to help. I am including a website on the right bottom side for people to learn more about global warming and get more involved.

I want my campaign to be displayed in locations where people can stop and look at it or just drive by and get the message across to them. I choose billboards, bus shelters, and posters being in train stations. I will be providing my designs in these areas as well.