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The Global Warming Sea Gallery. (GWSG)

by ROLANDO arq

“a submerged city and a collection of jars of aerosol…”

The campaign makes us reflect specifically in thematic of the global warming and the melting of the polar ice on the use of aerosols, and badly treated about the aerosol remainders... the submerged city reinforces this relation, “a flooded world” is a warning, the union of forces to resist this even avoidable destiny.

The aquatic gallery of the global heating is defined as a exhibition of great visual artists that crosses diverse coastal cities through world.

The gallery is in the water and simulates to be a set of buildings (pertaining to a flooded city) within a container formed by a metallic structure that maintains thousands of jars of empty aerosol, the people can enter to see the art sample after contributing with an empty tin of aerosol to complete the container.

After 6 months the gallery dismounted and took course towards another city, the reunited jars will be dealed with the appropriate way reducing its impact in environment. New York, Sydney, Valparaiso, Barcelona, stockholm, san Francisco and the main coastal cities of the World will be visited by the exhibition, in her will meet to unpublished art works of artists like David Bowie, Floria sigismondi, etc…

The art work of the artist can talk the same theme, the global warming, as a artistic World campaign.