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Born under a bad sign

by Tron

My campaign is based on my interest in street art and guerilla advertising. The rationale of the campaign was to target motorists, because there are so many cars on the road that contribute to global warming, I wanted to aim to reach as large as audience as possible because so many people drive, it is not a specific audience. I wanted to make the campaign a bit fun, so I placed these fake signs over real motorway ones so that people stuck in traffic jams would be able to read and think about the issue.

Once the reader sees the fake signs they become interested, and then The campaign could also extend to flyers that could be placed at Petrol Stations and other places to inform motorists. The flyers will contain facts and what motorists can do to help the cause. The front of the flyer will be these pictures of the actual Billboard Campaign.

My factual information was taken from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. (US EPA/OMS) Automobile Emissions: An Overview.