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rechauffement climatique et les menaces sur l'ecosysteme-heated issues- our ecosytem in red alert

by bindiya devi munrakhan
Co-authors: personal-MUNRAKHAN BINDIYA DEVI


-we must reduce the erosion of our beaches
-must reduce the wet places in mauritius-like wetlands at mahebourg-reduce pollution -water pollution which lead to marine life pollution and destruction of agriculture. We get no clean underground water, and due to climatic change we get sometimes too much of water and sometimes drought. We have no control on the climate now as human themselves have changed the law of nature.
-We must let our corals live-they suffocate
Each and every individual have its contribution to the 'rechauffement climatique'
Solutions can be - use bicycles or non polluting vehicles..for example manual or pedal vehicles..Stop the use of too much of cars, lorries as too much of carbon monoxide are produced.
-Must save elctricity and mostly those produces by the use of petroleum sources.
-Utilise inspite recycable energies.
-Our entire planet depends on the contribution of human beings.
-IN 1860, there existed 270 particles per million(PPM) of CO2 in the atmosphere. Nowadays,150 years after, there is only 382 PPM,the amount we havenot seen since last 800 000 years.
The Consequences have been- high temperatures- excessive cold in winter- more violent cyclones-stunamie in the sea-droughts and desertification.
In MAURITIUS- waves of 8 metres near Riviere Noire have been seen(weekend-dimanche 29Avril 2007)
WORK SUMBMMITED- Aquatint print -
-I have worked on a zinc plate dipping it into acid in order to show how the pollution disfigured our planet, our human beings and our lives.