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Unplug it and the earth stays green

by Sujung Lee

I focused on the Carbo Dioxide emissions issue and made a poster and brochure about it. Research has shown that if we unplugped electric appliances while not in use, CO2 emissions decrease by 1ton per year.

In my poster, I took a photo of a TV that is unlugged and put a natural image on the TV screen. I used an image that is very green.

Before you open the brochure, it shows a black TV screen that is plugged in.

But as you open the brochure the TV screen shows a natural image that is unplugged.

On the left side, it briefly explains the effect on the environment of unplugging electrical appliances.

The right had side has titles in green, matching hte green image on the TV screen.

The back cover is also in green with a reminder to unplug unused electrical appliances.