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How to Stay Alive!

Global warming is the new hot news. The planet earth is over heating due largely to high levels of Carbon Dioxide created mostly by its inhabitants – humans. The solution to reduce the constant emission of this deadly gas, we need to educate the world on a global scale: how carbon dioxide are created, how it will affect us and our future, and what we can do today to stop or reduce the pollution of Carbon Dioxide in our planet.

We should create a universal logo that will promote and educate the world about global warming.

Let’s change the consciousness of bad energy usage into good energy usage.
Let’s show the world how they can save money and the environment going GREEN.
Let’s show the world how we can STAY ALIVE.

My ideal logo centralized on how to stay alive, by creating a bold and direct logo. The logo has a green background with black bold lettering, and the Earth is the centralized topic. Placing the earth in the center with dusted cloud indicating the CO2 gases should evoke emotion in the people. The earth looked like a button that you want to press to go GREEN.