Heated issue

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by jeff bare

The inspiration for this project was to promote awareness of the effects global warming has on our world. Instead of an ad on a billboard or a film you view once and then forget, this piece lives with you and continually reinforces its message in a subtle yet effective way, every time you use it. Ice-age provides you with natural shaped ice, while informing you of how the ice-cube, or the glacier, has been affected by global warming throughout the years, as well as the future.

The tray is completely recyclable, and is made of recycled polypropylene. The tray also self-stacks, which saves materials for packaging and takes up less space for shipping.

Information on glacier retreat was taken from "Worldwide glacier retreat," an article on the website: www.realclimate.org/. The article was based on results of a study by J. Oerlemans.