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Concept :

The global warming is an actual issue that is daily growing. The point is that it’s belonging now to our world and it is no more an abstract problem.

We know which part of the human technology is involved in this effect: industry, daily behaviour of the human race, strong exploitation of the earth resources…

I decided to show the way that we are going and the way that we have to adopt if we want to reduce the fragility of our planet.

Visual :

The visual set up three spaces
The bottom one shows the bad behaviour that affects the earth:
The consummation of toxic products that are rejected into the ground, The industry, our car….
Everything is the bad side of our behaviour. So I used dark colours so that to denounce that.

In the middle you can see a Point which is a transition between the two way of meanings. The point that change our bad behaviour to a good one. Without this expectation from the men, we cannot go through a higher level of well living.
The gradation is the example that permits to see that thing can become better if everything take their responsibilities ( take the bicycle instead of the car ) , use of wind-machines, plant trees…

These actions can turn the situation to another one that can suit our self. By this change of mind showed by the recycling point, we can reach a better way of life.

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