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Miserable Life in planet Earth

by Martin Tung


It's important for people to know the situation they are currently facing, especially environmental surroundings that have impact on them. These are caused by global warming as which Albert Gore had told us in his statement,"Global warming will be the greatest environmental challenge in the 21st century," Therefore all people living on planet Earth must realise and prepare their actions in protecting their environment they are living in, otherwise the potentials of danger coming from environment may happen in unpredictable, and timeless timing such as fire, dried area, melting of ice, extreme high condition in weather, severe temperature, and other major disaster that is may be caused from this strike. However fortunately before that happen, we can help it by doing number of ways as described by the environmental experts: reducing gas emissions from household appliances, transport, industrial machinery and engineering; making home energy efficient; saving forests and habitual environments; saving the number of prioritized resources and much others.

The image of planet Earth shown in the poster describes the effects of global warming when its condition is at its peak, and it should alarm us (people) to realise how painful and horrible these effects are, and drive them to get started in making prevention processes ready.