Heated issue

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Heated Issue

by Filipa Pias

Within the present lifestyle, we produce an enormous amount of gases that increase the greenhouse effect and cause the planet temperature to rise.

With this increase of temperature, we are putting in danger the thermal balance of the earth and the planet does not stop giving us warning. We never noticed so many atmospheric cataclysms as we do now.

Let’s appeal to a style of life that cut the emission of gases, through attitudes and daily choices that mean reduced emission of gases into the atmosphere.

A signal of change

Together, we can change our negative attitude to a positive attitude, change the negative choices into positive choices.
Hot water
To heat water we consume energy, that produces and emits CO2
Heat water only if you have to. Use renewable energy to heat water.
Protect trees.
The trees, through the photosyntheses, absorb great amounts of CO2. With the destruction of the forests, great amounts of stored CO2 are released.
We must protect them and whenever possible support the plantation of more trees.
When using a car, we consume energy, that produces and emits CO2.
Use the car less. Try to use other means, to walk, to ride a bicycle, to use public transports or to share a car with other people. You will be cutting the CO2 emissions.
Light bulb
A normal light bulb spends energy, produces and emits CO2 into the atmosphere.
Use low energy light bulbs. They spend less energy and emit less CO2.
Electrical appliances
The electrical appliances consume energy, that produces and emits CO2.
Choose Energy Star appliances and fittings. They spend less and release less CO2
Standby mode
In standby mode the appliances continue to consume energy, that produces and emits CO2.
Instead of the standby mode, switch off.

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