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REVIVE Recycling Reward Program

by Alexander Esguerra

Revive is an incentive based recycling campaign program that provides New York’s citizens with a means to participate in a revolutionary effort to better manage and lower the city’s waste impact. Through reverse vending machine and stored value card technology, cardholders are awarded a higher cash value on a debit card through a network of commercial sponsorships. The bright green recycling machines will be seen throughout the city, encouraging all to walk by and drop in their empty bottles and cans to receive some extra cash on a recycling debit card which can be used throughout the city to purchase products and or services. Another option is for the user to simply select the “Donate” touch-screen button and the profits get transferred to a designated local charity.

The receipt and the screen displays an “EcoAware Formula” which automatically calculates the environmental emission and crude oil statistics the cardholder and all whom participate have contributed. It is a simple fun reminder to show that every can… can make a difference!

Additionally, Revive is a self-employment opportunity that embraces the homeless community by giving them the ability to reclaim their lives through self-sufficiency and encouraging them as cardholders to purchase various consumer goods to help ease the hardship of their living situation throughout the city.

Revive is designed to promote an efficient and sustainable system for recycling and waste minimization while rewarding New York’s low-income residents for their contribution.