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AtmOsphere Campaign

by Jerimiah Welch

The Blue Halo

The AtmOsphere campaign revolves around a symbol, a thin blue ring representing the atmosphere of our earth (image 1). This symbol, the blue halo, can be used to certify climate-friendly products and raise public awareness of global climate change. Stopping global climate change is difficult because we face a many-sided and invisible threat. The blue halo makes that struggle visible and cohesive.

The blue halo can be used in many situations to raise awareness. The blue halo on a car tire sends the signal that the car uses climate-friendly technology (image 2). The blue halo on an electrical outlet represents the renewable energy that comes out of it (image 3). The blue halo as a wristband initiates social awareness and promotes the wearer’s ecological values (image 4). The blue halo can take many other forms. Can you think of a person, organization, or product that could proudly bear the symbol?

The blue halo is a quick and highly visible way for people and companies to spread the word about where they stand on global climate change. It initiates conversation about itself. It makes an invisible problem visible. What can we do to stop global climate change? Respect the atmosphere. Seek out blue-halo certified products, spread the word, and stop global climate change today.