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HEY YOU: Simple Solutions Save Our Planet

by Joneen Wall

“Has humankind failed thus far to exercise its intelligence and technologies to ensure that natural resources are used sustainably and other species not sacrificed unnecessarily to human greed”
p.25 ‘Penguin History of New Zealand’ Michael King

These are symbolic equations to make people aware of and think about the simple changes they can make. What may seem like a conscious effort to slow this escalating problem, will soon become an easy unconscious part of ones daily routine. Simple and practical solutions for each and every individual.
These symbolic equations suggest simple tasks such as changing the type of fuel or light bulb you use, conserving power through natural energy sources, unplugging appliances when not in use. Each equation can find a place in every home, consumer/public place. To trigger this initial change the equations would be the form of billboard, t.v, magazine advertising, clothing, product marketing etc. Thus encouraging or selling simple changes to help slow a globe threatening problem.

Joneen Wall