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Turf 21

by Sppoco
Co-authors: Stella Priscilla Poco, Kelly King, Kim Eason, Xavier Rivera

Throughout the brainstorming period, we realized that very few people are actually aware of global warming and the small changes they an make that can help reduce the risks. Due to this, we decided that we should focus on a campaign that promotes small, daily changes that anyone can make to help the earth.

Our campaign focuses on getting the word out through word of mouth, clothing and direct mail pieces. We have designed a campaign which includes T-shirts with the Turf21 logo; Turf21 shopping totes; plastic mugs with inserts designed specifically for the campaign; a direct mail-piece which includes 21 steps to making the earth a better place, a sticker that may be applied to a car and a pouch containing a tree seed for a White Ash tree, which can be grown anywhere in the world especially in urban environments. The mail piece is designed specifically for a residential office setting as it focuses on the step that involves switching your lightbulbs. There is also a poster to be placed in locations such as malls, airports, bus stops and train stations. These posters are to be viewed side by side, directing viewers to the positive and negative and how simple it is to help stop global warming. While designing the posters, we kept in mind that viewers should be able to associate with the designs, for this reason, we focused on the step that promotes using a plastic reusable coffee mug rather than the wasteful paper cup. Along with all of this, there is a myspace page located at (www.myspace.com/turf21) where the word has already begun to be spread along with a web banner that links to www.turf21.com, which people can place on their web sites to link to the Turf21 web site.