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The ANOMALOCARIS after sea-level rise

by KanDench


According to recent studies, global warming threatens to melt Greenland and Western Antarctica ice sheets. If they were to melt, sea levels would rise over 40 feet, enough to wipe out the world's major coastal cities. I made a scene in which low-rise building (less than 40 feet) fully went underwater and marine sediments covered surface. This submarine railway vehicle is propelled in the water by fins on both sides like Anomalocaris, the largest Cambrian animal, which lived more than 500 million years ago. This propulsion method is actually effective.

To let people know threat of sea level rising, I described the underwater city like the Cambrian sea, which is the oldest period of Phanerozoic and the oldest metazoan age. By describing like the Cambrian, I aimed to express symbolically the reverse of progress (or evolution). Therefore, the underwater scene contains Anomalocaris vehicle, Sponge-like buildings and backhoe shovel with hose imitated a nose of Opabinia which is the popular Cambrian creature. No one can be seen because we can't live underwater.


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