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know: An Environmental Consumption & Pollution Awareness Campaign

by Daniel Becker

The know campaign is focused on creating awareness for problems concerning excessive environmental consumption and pollution. More people need to be educated that common, everyday objects are some of the most damaging to our environment. An icon system and application strategy consisting of trivial household items that have or continue to detrimentally effect the environment was developed to show the diversity of the problem at hand as well as the adaptability of the campaign itself. The accompanying typographic messages serve as statistics or metaphors for an underlying problem to which the object is a contributor. These messages are pieces of information that are available to everyone, but are generally unknown by the public. An application strategy of wrapping existing objects and structures was chosen to allow for minimal environmental impact in the locations to which the campaign would be implemented. This approach would also take into account the use of recycled papers, soy based inks, biodegradable meshes and recycled corn-based plastics.
Promotional items such as t-shirts, buttons, and brochures would be distributed to spread knowledge and word of the know campaign after its initial launch. Vehicles of mass transit (planes, trains, and buses) would be used as moving advertisements to reach as many people as possible while harming the environment as minimally as possible. Traditional advertising via billboards (possibly digital) would be used to spread the messages further. Additionally, trashcan and manhole cover wraps would further enhance the message of this campaign because of the medium in which the message is applied.

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