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The Environmental Cost

by Jin-woong Yang

Having paied resources at the price made from the point of view of manufacturer, we squander the resources. but have we really paid all the cost that imposes on us?
so I came up with an idea of an informative price tag that shows environmental cost, the amount of carbon dioxide gas.

The campaign is giving people specific information about how much individuals contribute to the global warming in their daily lives by hanging a price tag on the switch of the product that generates co2 gas.

For example, on a automobile tag, an average automobile emits 13200 pounds of co2 per year (using two references combined, an average automobile travels 12,000 miles per year in america / co2 emission per mile is around 1.1 pounds.)

Spread page shows the emission of utility vehicle, average car, jet, hybrid car, mass transit and bike or walk in order of co2 emission.

on the back page, the tag suggests specific ways of how we reduce the co2 emission.
you can cut the environmental cost to 50% when you use mass transit, to 70% when you carpool and to 0% when you walk or bike.

This campaign is going to be conducted outside.


Energy Information Administration

sightline institute