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Ark Inc.

by Jon Ardern

Ark Inc.

What are the values you believe in, why do you believe in them and where did they come from?

The common structures upon which we base our lives are at best unsustainable and at worse wholly destructive. The majority of world leaders have recognized these facts and yet despite recent and repented warnings that we are fast approaching a point of no return, the world’s governments pay these issues little more then lip serves.

When faced with the inevitable outcome how do you respond? Fear, guilt, outrage?
How about, just buckle your seat-belt and enjoy the ride.

ARK-INC is a ‘critical design proposal’ and a container for ideas and research around ‘sustainability’.
It operates on the proposition that post peak oil, the global heating tipping point, the planet will no longer be able to support human live and civilization, in the way it once did. If this is what we are heading towards, what are the possible design scenarios, services and social structures that may come from that space and place? Could we learn to love the crash? This is what ARK-INC will explore.

Aims & Objectives:
1. To challenge the accepted lexicon and the concepts of ‘sustainability’ and ‘environmentalism’.
2. Make tangible though design, new future possibilities that could shape our lives.
3. To inspire us to rethink and question the way we live our lives.