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by Jessica Fiorella

Proactive interactive-event campaign educating consumers and children on the power of renewable energy sources in the solution to stop CO2 emissions, preserve energy and embrace our earth.

Campaign delivery tool: sent via email by the United Nation, UNEP. Kaleidoscope give-aways at the "city, country, world" initiative events to involve, educate and embrace the child in all of us.

***Kaleidoscope Interactivity VIEW LINK:
***Kaleidoscope Interactivity VIEW LINK: (Flash)
http://www.fiorelladesign.tv/SEVILLE (mpeg4)

Design Execution:

1. Interactive kaleidoscope image composed of a single solar power plant photo in Seville, Spain to promote the use of renewable energy sources. The concept behind it is the choice we have to create a positive or negative impact. Likewise, the same emphasis applies in the 2-D example of Hydropower.

2. Physical Kaleidoscope: produced with recycled materials, the object serves as a metaphor between the uniting powerful mechanism of solar and earth plants as renewable energy, growth plays on the campaign’s tagline "The power is in your hands" when handed to the consumer.


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