Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Rain Together

by Dima Karam

The motifs in the pattern represent rain droplets.

Rain in different cultures is a symbol of hope, for harvest and cultivation, a precious factor in the cycle of seasons, nature and life.

We have come to breathe and exist because the planet is quenched with water.

It is also seen as a symbol for rebirth and renewal, revitalizing the earth. Of cleansing and change as well.

The smallest element of water, rain droplets are not granted existing elements like rivers and seas, but are more individualized, given by a whimsical sky, more rare and wanted.

Rain droplets in the motifs also are closely knit together, one without the other does not produce the same effect, droplets are weaker apart; and stronger together...

Therefore the title: Rain together.

In the Arab world, rain is so valued as to become a surname derivative given to girls which encompasses many word describing states of clouds and rain.