Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Bengali pattern of HOPE

by Mia Vucic

The weavers are like composers while creating their work, so I tried to make that connection visible with this pattern which I created. Weaving the textile is like composing a song. The inspiration for the pattern was a worldwide famous Bengali composer Ravi Shankar and his work called ˝Shanti Mantra˝. It is one of the songs from the compilation CD: Chorale - Songs of Hope and Harmony, by various artists.
I analyzed the song´s lyrics ( Mantra) and tried to transfom the pattern of words into visible rythm of colours and lines. I used blue and green as main colours in the pattern, which are commonly known as the colours of hope, while red and white are used as connecting colours. Red and green are also used and they represent the national flag.

Ravi Shankar / Shanti Mantra

Aum asatoma sat gamaya
Tamaso majyothir gamaya
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya
Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Me llevan de lo irreal a lo real
Me llevan de la oscuridad a la luz
Me llevan de la muerte a la inmortalidad
Aum la paz, la paz y la paz perfecta