Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details


by Garima Panika

“Into my heart's night, Along a narrow way I groped; and lo! the light, An infinite land of day.” - Rumi

I loved this project because for me, design should integrate form, function, and meaning and lead to transformation, to self realization, to human upliftment. The idea that this cloth has a meaning beyond it just being decorative or functional–that it is a
medium to create peace and hope in the world, really resonates with me.

The idea behind this pattern is the emanating light; hope comes from within, comes from the inner light, and with awareness of that, comes the power to change the environment by changing oneself – our environment is a reflection of self.

This project is meant to empower the common man – each person awakening to their own potential and supporting each other to be the change. These local artisans creating an opportunity for me to be inspired, in turn creating an opportunity for them to use their
skills to better themselves, their community, their country. The unlimited potential of each human being to shine; each person awakening to the power of self creates opportunity for everyone; and by using local resources and labor to create, we make fabric with form, function, meaning and bringing real change in the form of personal empowerment, economic independence, and social upliftment.

Even if a cave has been dark for hundreds of years..you only need to light a match to change that….the way to dispel dark is to bring in the light

This is a check with a mission to awaken people to their own unlimited potential – like the opening of the eyes – it brings a new beginning: An awakened Bangladesh

The green colorway is based on the Bangladesh national flag to depict the national pride.