Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Grameen Rainbow

by Anetta Anderwald

In this design rainbow becomes the symbol of hope.
Sensual shadows combinations and delicate color transitions have impress people from all over the world. This miracle of nature gives, always look at it, joy in the heart. It associates with transience and magic. It connects two opposing concepts : sunshine with the rain. And it always exceptional.
The unique style of pattern “Grameen Rainbow “is characterized by energy of colors, charm of subtle tones and a great effects of lightness. Bright pure colors mixed in plain weave create tension and vibrancy.
This design combines modernity and timeless beauty of nature.
It suitable for clothing ( women’s clothing, men’s shirts) and interior decoration, for example as the material for lampshades.
Grameen Rainbow will delight all the world.