Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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Achivment is Believing,its Hope

by yuvraz
Co-authors: Ankita Sinha

Life is all about achieving sumthing. and there always a hope that the hard work along with passion an aggression to achieve the goal leads to success. But at the same time patience is the key. And this is what is being depicted through checks.
The fine light gray lines depict the unclarity confusion unstability.
Initially we are unstable ,not sure about what our goals are, there are many ways to chose from and hence the hope is also very low .
The gray colour used shows the unclarity confusion. We are not positive but not even negative about the future. thinking what is rite and wrong which direction to choose .It’s the gray phase of our lives. Hope also fiddels due to confusion and unclarity.
Next to the fine gray lines are the Brown lines which step by step are getting thicker and stronger.
The gradation in lines in terms of thickness show that as we move on further in life we get clearer on what we want to achieve in life. And so does the Hope for achieving the same.
as we move, start working towards the goal we become stronger and work harder. Nuthing can be achieved without Hard work and Belief which is Hope .

the colour Brown depicts, The determination, strong will power, Stability, Hard work, Belief.
As the hope becomes stronger so do we from within .
strong Hope, passion and determination that we start seeing the positive outcome shown through thick line which is the mix of Blue and Brown.
And finally the pure blue lines show the Achivment.The Hope that we ever hoping will come true actually comes true.shows the Victory, but also shows the Calmness, the relief ,the sense of achievement is there after all the hard work .
Strong red line between the blue lines shows the strong determination, Belife, Hope, Agression, Passion which was within us since we started,the victory, achievement of the joy ,fulfilment of hope.
And after the red and blue there again is a thick line of brown and blue which is grading into the background. Depicting the never ending life cycle.