Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Hope from All Angles

by daniqueeninabox

Since Dr. Muhammad Yunus introduced the Grameen check, it has always been about Bangladesh and its people. The introductory colors of this new check design (seen in image 1) are based off of the flag of Bangladesh. The green represents the majestic landscape of the country with its lush forests and rolling hills. The red, on the other hand, has more of a social and political meaning; in circle form on the flag it represents the ‘rising sun’ and the sacrifices that the Bengali citizens made to claim their independence in 1971. The gold calls back to the original design of the flag, where an outline of the country was printed inside the red circle. The color gold represents wealth and wisdom. Some say that wearing gold on your person promotes confidence, courage, and good health which the world will be thankful for. Girls will enjoy wearing these rich colors; because of Grameen check they are able to wear something a bit more youthful while still being in traditional dress.
'Grameen' literally means ‘rural’ or ‘village’ in the Bengali language. The check or plaid is created by relatively poor traditional weaver families living in Bangladesh. Before Muhammad Yunus created this business, many of these people didn’t see money for their skills. Now they are able to make a living through weaving their lovely cotton fabrics.
The design of this check has many crossing lines which represent how everything in life intersects- how even a weaver woman in Bangladesh can be connected with a young lady over in the United States. It shows how everyone is connected to one another, not only in Bangladesh, but throughout the world. Since it is asymmetrical, the check will be more appealing to a younger audience. On the bottom left, the four red squares represent a flower to make the pattern more feminine. The wider strip on the right counter-balances the three smaller strips on the left, making the check more pleasing to the eye.

***I apologize for the multiple entries. I realize the first time that I accidentally posted this in the product design and then the second time I forgot to add all of my photos. The 2nd, 4th, and 6th photos are what the checks look like when they repeat, like they would on fabric. I hope this does not completely take me out of the running. Again, I am very sorry.***