Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details


by Andrew Pick

Hope is the central theme of this pattern that symbolizes 'looking to the horizon'. Our dreams can often seem distant and require determination to pursue. The Horizon pattern is representative of a landscape and reminds one to look to the future and retain hope despite adversity.

The horizontal green stripes depict a grassy landscape leading to the distant sky. Green is the primary color used in the Bangladesh flag and is equally prominent in the fabric pattern.
White horizontal lines beyond the landscape represent clouds and were chosen for their relation to peace.
The vertical red lines are reflective of the sun's daily rising and setting. The color red is also used in the flag of the Bangladesh nation.

The color scheme and figurative interpretation of a landscape combine to send a message of hope and determination. The overall theme is intended to remind one that hope is enduring and lasting. One must always look forward to a hopeful future and a promising tomorrow.