Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

"Hope" & "Love" plaids

by Jezza

I experience a form of synesthesia which causes me to see a particular color associated with every number and letter of the alphabet. For example, "2" is red and "E" is green. I dye threads to match the colors I see in language, and weave cloth with coded text. I use this to elucidate the social hierarchies at work in the fabrics we wear and use daily.

For this project, I have quite literally woven "Love" and "Hope" using my particular experience of color synesthesia.
These simple but pleasing "windowpane" checks are set approx. 16 ends per cm, with a repeat of approx. 20cm.

When selected for production, the traditional craftspeople in Bangladesh will quite literally be weaving "love" and wrapping the world in "hope" with these colorful fabrics.