Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details


by Megan Deal
Co-authors: Rachael Beresh

Hope is mobility. Hope is adaptability. Hope is possibility. These are the founding ideas upon which our concept is based. Comprised of a repeat pattern of simple arrows, our proposal for a new Grameen Check strives to communicate a feeling of forward motion, suggesting action, progress and resilience, three important qualities imbued by the weavers of rural Bangladesh. At distinct points throughout the pattern, specifically where the arrows begin to intersect, a subtle heart shape is formed, further imparting an overall feeling of promise and well-being. The geometric arrangement of form ensures that the pattern can be woven, while the straightforward color scheme adds ease in the yarn-dying process. In all, we feel this design brings a contemporary elegance to the already rich spirit and tradition of the Grameen Check.