Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details


by delphine saltet
Co-authors: Olivier Paradeise

HOPE OP'EN is a check pattern conceived to be weaved with salvaged yarns, donated, collected, recover, from last collection. Yarns too few or as they say old-fashioned to be used in a new production. It creates surprising combination of colors, in the respect for a controlled consumption.
With a digital designer, i have developed a tool allowing the generation of HOPE OP' EN patterns.
The textile designer specifies the standards of his fabrics (size of stripes, spacing, number of colors, size of pattern ratio ...). He can let scope more or less random. Each pattern that'll be generated match to the textile designer's plan but each will be different. There is an infinite number of pattern for the same plan.
On http://www.paradeise.fr/?p=83, you will find a plan we defined: cotton, plain weave, 6 colors, maximum repeat size 20 cm, stripes colors between 0,4cm and 1,6cm, white stripes between 0,4 cm and 3,6 cm. Here are infinite results. 6 colors are dug at random, but we can define in a specify way the colors which we want to use.
This project wishes to connect the digital innovation in our modern world and the respect for our raw materials.