Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

cresendo of colors and checks

by priyanka2586

Hope can be expressed in various ways.The pattern produced here uses colours and a certain check division as tools to come out with a textile design .
The checked boxes (entire fabric - 120cm x 120 cm )start vertically with a division of 5 cm and gradually increase to 20 cm and horizontally the division remain a standard 10 cm.The asymmetric balance brings out a beautiful effect of lows indicated by compacted checks towards the left bottom of the fabric and highs represented by bold and large checks towards the right top part of the fabric.
The chosen colors are mainly to create a positive vibrancy like joy, youth and growth, all of which in some way give HOPE.
The entire piece tries and brings out a sort of cresendo effect - where all is low initially and then a sense of drama seazes in , which creates a desire of perhaps something positive.