Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Cultivating Hope

by Mariam Elizondo
Co-authors: Universidad de Monterrey

Hope is a way for human beings to maintain straight to their existence, that’s why we always search for something where to put our forces and beliefs. That’s when hope becomes part of our life.

To have hope is to live, that’s the reason I used wheat to represent life and growth, like it also represents pod for the Indian village.

I used green color to represent freshness and vegetation; it all symbolizes nature and growth. Green also makes you feel an interior peace that is the main purpose I want to inspire inside the module.

I followed a sequence, using the wheat as squared pattern to maintain the importance of the Grameen check that has been part of this country for years. But I gave it a different aspect, so that it’ll bring something new to them, new vibes in all the positive ways.