Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

naive square

by mali alon

Our design expresses the attitute towards the theme HOPE as a way of life, a personal philosophy.
For us Hope reflects unity and mutual-aid, a tie between nature and mankind, enviroment and activities, all combined with a wave of
optimistic approach.
When we translate our vision of Hope to Design, we wanted, first of all, to give an empassis on color. The impact of color combinations, pastel and contrast colors, warm and cold - each take us to a different mood ,creating a pleasant harmonious atmosphere.
The forms, mixed human and animals in a mutual scenario, show the beauty of traditional ethnic cultures, expressing their originality and unique ability to create a colorful design and express the hope for a better life when big, strong countries show their appreciation and embrace the small in size, but rich in their art and handcraft ability. The design is simple and naive to express the direct approch towards the local population.