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Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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Challenge Brief

DEADLINE ALERT: The deadline for this competition has been extended April 21 at 6pm UTC/GMT

Design a new check pattern, symbolizing "HOPE"


This challenge will focus on the importance of social business, defined as a cause-driven business. "Grameen Felissimo", a joint social business launched in February 2011 with the Yunus Centre, led by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, would contribute to the future generations of Bangladesh by providing employment to their people, particularly to the most disadvantaged, while enhancing the unique traditional culture and artisanship.

About the Challenge

This challenge is built on the Grameen check, fabric born of Bangladesh with local resources and skills. Woven in cotton, it is mostly produced in the poorest region of the country with a hope of economic independence. To commemorate the birth of the first Grameen Felissimo project, we invite you to help us create a beautiful symbol of Hope in the design of a brand new check pattern.

This challenge is intended to bring the power of design into action, by injecting an element of excitement to the product line and thereby expanding their market outside their own village and country.

This challenge calls for the design of a check pattern that will be called "Hope."

Fabric will be yarn-dyed cotton, plain weave with maximum of 6 colors.

Finished fabric width: 120cm, repeat size: max. 20 cm (same check pattern repeats every 20 cm or less)

Please provide at least 2 images, up to 6 images, including:

  • Repeat size image of the check ( minimum unit of the check)
  • Image of the fabric in the finished size

You may add different colorways of the same check pattern.

Please include up to 400-word description of your design. Entries that direct users away from the DESIGN21 website will be disqualified. See "How To Enter" Rules for full details on file type, size and number constraints and recommendations.

Judging Criteria

Judging panel will be looking for original, uplifting designs that deliver the message of Hope.

General criteria are:

  • Overall effectiveness: How well does the design match the theme and express the concept?
  • Creativity: How original and new the design is.

The judges' decisions are final.


US $3000 will be awarded to the Winner. All rights associated with the design will be transferred to Felissimo.

The winning design will be introduced by Grameen Felissimo, crediting the designer. They will be produced and sold by Grameen Felissimo, using as much of the production capabilities Bangladesh as possible.

Judges may elect to name a Runner-up and award US$500 as Jury's Pick prize.

The Most Popular from public voting will receive recognition on the website, with no monetary prize.


To be comprised of representatives of Grameen Felissimo.