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Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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Judging Feedback

The jury have made their deliberations and we are pleased to announce our winner. We received 186 entries from 132 countries, and thank all the entrants for taking part and contributing.

Juror Kazuhiko Yazaki, president of Grameen Felissimo, said: Grameen Felissimo Brand concept is beautifully expressed in this design, behind which are thoughts that are simple and clear, yet deep and intelligent. We see our individual existence, progress made through interaction between people, and harmony with the natural world that breed hope and human potential in this design. Visually it's a stunning display of happiness. I am in awe of Ms. Annamarie Troupe who translated the concept of infinity and philosophical depth into such a lovely end-product.

About the Winner

Anna Troupe is a furniture designer, writer, musician and collage artist living in Carrboro, North Carolina. She views her life as a channel for consciousness in the world.

In her own words:

This was my first attempt at designing a fabric pattern and the simplicity of vision it required really appealed to me. Still, I wanted to take the theme of hope seriously and pursue it on many levels.

I decided to use a practical approach and "build" the pattern according to my basic knowledge of natural order on both the physical and spiritual planes. I wanted to see if an accessible representation of "hope" would emerge that also made sense as a check fabric pattern. I just chose colors quickly that I liked and these choices made the most sense visually and symbolically.

I support the Grameen Felissimo project because like them, I believe this is one world and we are all our best and happiest when we use creativity, ingenuity, and good sense to make it better. This is a great opportunity to serve the people of Bangladesh and also utilize their talents to the fullest in service to the rest of the world.

Every successful project like this sets an inspiring example that is a powerful and uplifting message about how we can function well together here and now. They create hope just by being. That is the theme of this contest, as well as how I personally try to live my life each day, so really it is a profound experience to be a part of.