Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

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Weave Love, Wrap Hope, Tie the Worlds

by Nada Borgi

“What a lovely gift she got me! I opened the first finely designed box. It has this very special traditional textile. The smaller box has stunning pins. And there is this booklet that explains the history of the products. They are made in Bangladesh by the villagers themselves. The fabrics are traditional. The pins production was recently introduced, creating more job opportunities.
It is easy and fun to make this tie. What is special is that you feel the fabric and you spend some time preparing your tie. You bond with it.
You can recognize a Grameen tie not only from the signature and the textile but also from the width. It is slightly larger than the usual neckties; a bit more traditional and somehow avant-garde.
I wore it on the board meeting yesterday and guess what? The chairman himself was wearing one. His Grameen tie was a Burberry. It seems some kind of collaboration is happening with international fashion houses, to have they own design signature on the Grameen ties. “