Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Competition Details

Nenufar, Hanging Screen

by Jose Cardona

Piece: Hanging Screen

General Concept:
Water lily, National Flower of Bangladesh

Concept Explanation:
The water lily is an aquatic plant that roots in the deep soil of freshwater bodies covering the surface with its green leaves and blossoming a beautiful star-shaped flower that floats on among them. It is in this way that our analogy emerges. The water lily represents the hope of Bangladesh; a country that constantly fights for its development and that is invariably trying to spring up and surface every time a flood comes.

Applied Conceptualization:
In the product, the one different color piece is a representation of the water lily and the adjacent ones embody the green leaves floating around it. This is how, through my design, I look forward to expressing the concept of Hope to everyone and anyone who lays eyes on the modular folding screen.

Creativity: The creative touch in this design resides in its shape. Inspired in the petals of the Nenuphar flower, this modular product can be used in various and sophisticated ways achieving a greater interaction with the user allowing him freedom and encouraging him to create his own structures based on the needs each specific environment may require. The pieces don't only turn into a hanging screen but can also be linked to form a panel to help personalize walls in all kinds of rooms. It is a flexible and modern design that depends on the user's creativity to become a real piece of art.

Practicality: The creation of modules basically consists of two pieces of check pattern cloth sewn together and stuffed with compacted recycled plastic bags and some snap buttons equally sewn onto the corners of both sides of the piece. It is a very simple process of dressmaking that results in a clean, modern design.

Ecology: It is recommended to use compacted recycled plastic bags in the making of the stuffing material for the modules. By using this material we're helping the environment recycling and reusing materials creating a new and very attractive product.