Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Competition Details

Create a symbol and product of "Hope"

by Su RojasM


The project focuses on the concept of innovation in the design and creation of a product that aims to innovate in commercial and functional from the perspective of identity, creativity and innovation. Parallel to the design of a logo is developed for the brand and product line design is based on textile design and its application in the creation of a separate cabinet environments:

Materiality: modulated decorative coatings painted wood with silk-screen printing, the modules of pre-painted in gloss, matte and / or native / jute, semi-traditional treatment blending jute with other natural or synthetic fibers, ensure grazing resistance and aesthetics modern / wooden structures and jute.
Size: folder into three parts, space 23x29x36cm bases / structure: wood modulated x29x36cm 0.2
Application: drop module that installs a ceiling mounting and floor by means of "traction" and that can be combined with other identical modules. In this case, you need three units ideal for shaping.
Color: default, which can be administered in combination in mono and the like.