Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Competition Details


by Anetta Anderwald
Co-authors: Ewa Cieniewska

(Bag as component of cloth)

We want to wrap the World with hope. People are the most important part of the World so our aim is to wrap people in the new symbolizing hope Grameen check.
On a wave of arab and check pattern scarfs we suggest form of a bag as an element of cloth, witch gives us more ease.
Form of our product is inspire with traditional clothing from Bangladesh region.
Check-up Pocket have many practical applications: as a stylish scarf, belt on waist or loins, sash and shoulder bag simultaneously place to keep mobile phone, wallet or tissue.
Assumption of this product is to use it in these situations when you don't want to take a normal bag with you: on the bitch (it can protect shoulders and neck from the sun), on a cocktail party as a bow or sash, on a walk or when You play with Your children as a casual accessory.
Application of pure cotton fiber guarantees high comfort of using (especially in high temperatures), the durability and ease of maintenance. Designed check pattern gives a fashionable look varied age groups of people, women as well as man.
What is more important it gives a fresh look of traditional Grameen check.
Successive advantage of Check-up Pocket is simplicity of realization. It provides that it can be made at home craft workshops. The prototype is made in proportions 54cm x 325 cm but we suggest a variety of sizes, colors and patterns.
In proposed box our Check-up Pocket can be present on a cardboard suggesting waist or neck shape.