Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Competition Details

chess lotus

by houry markarian


The chess game is historically known to be a game of mental and analytical skills.
It is the most challenging and disciplinary games that pushes the players into measuring and anticipating the reactions of their opponents to each step they make.
It is a game that obliges you to broaden your way of thinking and developing yourself with patience and hope.
The elements within this game are hierarchical. However the high-ranking pieces are useless without the hard working pawns: a typical vision of social life. The pawns are the elements that have hope of development after reaching the base of the opponent.

In the developed product, all barriers statuses and ranks are replaced by some icons of Bangladesh culture.
. Pawns are replaced by Lotus – symbol of hope and prosperity.
. Bishops replaced by Dhol – traditional instrument that used to be occupied by the lower strata of society but recently played by the higher strata too.
. Rooks are substituted by Rice, which represents planting and harvesting.
. Tiger is a symbol of strength, loyalty and perseverance. In this design concept it is used in place of the Knights.
. the Queen is now a Bird: the magpie robin symbolizing freedom, grace and purity.
. the King is the Temple which is a symbol of high hope (as it reaches the sky) and prayer. A temple is a spiritual sanctuary that does not recognize any social status.

A chess game in general combines two players regardless of their status, binging an audience, a crowd of various types of people interacting anonymously through the icons with the hope of developing themselves throughout the game.

. In the images you can see a sample of a small hand-made chess game from which I got inspired. The pieces will be produced by the same concept of inserting them on the lower board (in holes). And they can be made of wood, which is a material that connotes nature, greenery, therefore hope.

* Please refer to the Lotus pattern for the pattern used as the base of the chess game.