Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Competition Details

Life Light

by Vina Domingo-Roy

In the course of production, scrap fabrics are produced in large quantities. Manufacturers always find ways to use these scraps to produce finished items such as bags. My idea takes the concept a little further by making a modern functional product which I call the “Life Light.” Why a lamp in the shape of a plant? Because light represents hope to guide our path and at the same time we learn and grow also. Plants also convey life, warmth and comfort. The leaves are made from scrap check fabrics laminated into leaf shapes using eco-friendly resin. It has an LED light and the base is in the shape of a flower pot using recycled wood. Stems are made of wire molded in the leaves and soldered at the metal base. Life Light is easily expandable into other designs (climbing, tall, hanging plants, etc.). The design uses Bangladesh checks in a unique way and makes it attuned to modern times.